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Leif Gregersen

Bio: Leif Gregersen was born in the middle class small city of St.Albert, Alberta near Edmonton. He grew up fascinated with books and reading, often walking miles each day to his local library to devour all the books he could carry. Before he could read, his father stressed the importance of good literature in his life and read to him from Faulkner's "The Kite" and Robinson Crusoe. For his fifth birthday, because he was now able to read, Leif received a plastic but functioning typewriter he used to pretend to be a reporter, and also liked to draw and write comic books for his friends and family. Later in life Leif became fascinated with Air Cadets and in turn, Canadian Military History, the inspiration for a number of his "Mustang Summer" stories. At the early age of 18, Leif was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder but continued with his life. He began to write about his experiences, and, as he slowly perfected the craft of writing, he wrote and published "Through The Withering Storm" over a 20 year period. Many books followed, and Leif now also writes for his community newspaper and has been published in local, national and international publications as a freelancer and has won a short story competition which gave him the perfect gift of $250.00 book credit at a local used bookstore chain. Leif continues to write and continues to learn and grow as an author and poet, performing his works in public and submitting them to be published.