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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9780993903106
Title: Jounce!
Sub-Title: Crafting a Resilient Life
Author: Jim Brosseau
ISBN: 9780993903106
Publication Date: 2014
Publisher: Jim Brosseau
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Price: 12.95

Jounce is an actual physics term - it's the fourth derivative of position over time. Although the word is seldom encountered in science class, we all experience jounce as we live our lives: being jerked around in several directions at once. From a traffic ticket to bad news from your doctor to a global catastrophe, the sources of jounce are all around us.

This book is about how to handle being jounced. For the author, what began six years ago as an angry response to a personal catastrophe has evolved into an appreciation for the journey he has indeed been on all his life, and a heightened awareness of how to continue that life with intention.

As we work to craft a fulfilled life and a lasting legacy, it is daunting to deal with the growing concern about where our world and our place in it are headed, when only some factors are within our control. For most of us, it remains far easier to comfortably continue meandering through our daily existence, making ends meet, absorbed in social media, focused on the present, blissfully unaware of the storm clouds on our horizons.

Beginning with the death in childhood of a school chum, Brosseau delves into the concepts of chaos and its effects on our well-being; how biology forms human nature and response to danger; the process by which we can begin to take control of chaos; and the need to be present in and committed to relationships, and to recognize and hone the skills that will empower us to create resilience.

Jounce describes one person's strategy for building a more resilient life. It is an exploration of the challenges we face and some of the characteristics of human nature that drive how we cope with our world. While a journey such as this is critical to help you - the reader and fellow traveller - manage crisis and jounce, you'll find that it's not all hard work, and you'll achieve a more fulfilled life in the process.

Review - 'In simple and concise language, Jim gets right to the essence of the complexity of how our mind relates and reacts to the chaotic world unfolding around us. He provides an insightful framework on how we may live a life of fulfillment in this fast changing world. When we understand, accept and resolve the tension between our inner experiences and the objective outer realities, we are better able to make the important life decisions that are right for each of us. It is a must-read for anyone who seeks purpose and a clear direction in life.' - Marina Ma, managing director, MMA Consulting Inc.

Review #2 - 'This is a practical guide to the Hero's Journey. Jim uses personal story to set the conditions of 'The Call' the moment in our lives when something terrible happens to awaken us to the fact that the cultural world we live in is not suited for life. We, of course, can hear and obey this call or not. Jim shows us that the consequences are dire if we do not. The book then moves to a series of pragmatic steps that enable us to take charge of our own lives and so escape the life-damaging story of the modern culture.' - Robert Paterson, author of You don't Need a Job You Need a Trust Network