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Gayle Leona Jabour

Bio: Gayle Leona Jabour is the co-author, along with Daniel Tigner, of The Time of Your Life - Everyone Has a Story. She studied communications at Ryerson University in Toronto and worked at CBC Toronto as script assistant and production coordinator in the Children's department, as well as News & Public Affairs. Her duties as production coordinator extended to a number of television and film documentaries including "The Nature of Things". She later joined the CRTC in Ottawa as researcher and Canadian content coordinator for the implementation of the first Canadian Content Regulations & Animation Guidelines.

Gayle also represented the CRTC on the Children's Broadcast Institute and The Canadian Advertising Standards Council. She has worked extensively with television producers, directors, entertainment lawyers, film distributers, industry associations, and broadcasting representatives across Canada and the United States. Her skills have also been used with volunteering projects.