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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9781460292006
Title: A Long Ways from Home
Author: Mike Martin
ISBN: 9781460292006
Publication Date: 2016
Publisher: FriesenPress
Series:Sgt. Windflower Mystery
Series Number:5
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Price: 24.95

A weekend visit to picturesque Newfoundland by a large crew of outlaw bikers leaves behind another mess for Sgt. Windflower to clean up. This time he's facing violence, murder, mystery and intrigue. This adventure has Windflower questioning everything he thought he knew. There are troubles on the home front, cutbacks in the policing budget, old friends leaving and new ones not quite here yet. Windflower is seeking to find answers in territory that is both dangerous and unfamiliar.

This instalment in the Sgt. Windflower Mystery series has our hero dashing from the Southeast shores of Newfoundland to the West Coast and Great Northern Peninsula, all the way back to the scene of the crime in the otherwise calm town of Grand Falls in the middle of the Island. No matter how far he is from home, the quest to bring the culprits to justice must continue.

A Long Ways from Home explores more than just homicides or the dirty dealings of outlaw bikers. It's also about some old and some very new challenges and hard choices facing an uncertain future in small communities all over this part of the world. Windflower relies on his friends and allies, sometimes four-legged ones, to help him find the answers. Sometimes those answers will find us, and like Windflower, we discover that we are never really alone, even if we are a long ways from home.

Review - 'Be prepared to be charmed by Windflower, a food-loving sergeant who could be possibly be Canada's most polite Mountie.' - Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Review #2 - 'Martin loads his pages with competing subplots that stave off any lulls. This lighthearted, entertaining series never bores.' - Kirkus Reviews