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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9781451581249
Title: Blue Salt Water
Author: Dan Green
ISBN: 9781451581249
Publication Date: 2010
Publisher: Dan Green
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Price: 14.00

Revenge Turns a homecoming celebration into tragedy when fire kills the family of sixteen year old aboriginal Blue Saltwater, destroying his boyhood dreams and forcing his relocation from the pristine islands of Haida Gwaii to the St. Ignatius Residential School for Boys. Exiled and forgotten within this predatory cauldron of thugs and pedophiles, Blue executes a daring escape and reveals the abusive underworld of Brother Denny Boyle.

A harrowing trip through the wild back-country of British Columbia leads Blue to Vancouver where he is overwhelmed by the rush and false glitter of the notorious downtown east-side, extinguishing his desire to return home and leading to his descent into addiction. A chance encounter with a lost friend brings rehabilitation and a journey by sail along the rugged northwest coast to return Blue to his island home so that he may regain his ancestral birthright. Disaster strikes off the rocky shoals of Cape St. James and presents Blue with the ultimate challenge to his survival and the reclamation of the life that was stolen from him years before.

'Blue Saltwater' is an historical drama set in British Columbia in the late seventies that intertwines the mystic legends of Haida Gwaii with those of the Virgin of Guadalupe and traces the lives of two men--Blue Saltwater, a restless teenager from the Queen Charlotte Islands and Father Joe Murphy, a youthful priest from Ontario, whose destinies collide as they try to escape the social boundaries that bind them to lives of adversity.