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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9781927056080
Title: Tide Changes
Author: Dave Holland
ISBN: 9781927056080
Publication Date: 2014
Publisher: Webb Publishing
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Price: 19.95

In the early 1970s, 17-year-old flatlander Dave Holland followed his heart and left Hamilton, Ontario, for the western coast of Canada. Setting off to explore the region by bicycle, Holland soon met some special people along the way that impacted his life. From tree-planting to logging, it was eventually picking wild oysters that led him to the small community of Lund, a picturesque fishing village on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. It was here where his salmon fishing career started.

Tide Changes is both the tale of a young man's immersion into the fishing industry and his passion for west coast living. Holland learns the ropes, as well as the knots and tacks of his trade as he navigates the coastal waters and communities surrounding Lund during his first two seasons of fishing aboard his 28-foot salmon boat, the Antique.

Review - 'I know that you will enjoy reading of Dave's real life adventures as Much as I did.. Tide Changes will give you a refreshing look at life on the West Coast.' - Maureen Chant, Administrative Assistant to Jim Pattison

Review #2 - 'Dave Holland's readers will find themselves sitting beside the young man as he transforms himself into a west coast fisherman one lesson at a time... His recollections of his inaugural two years of fishing is impressive; his stories both illuminating and engaging. Tide Changes satisfies both a reader's desire to connect to a new world and feel good about the potential within it.' - publisher Jill Veitch