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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9781775048411
Title: Clarity Quest
Sub-Title: Discover Exactly Who YOU Are.
Author: Ciel Ellis
ISBN: 9781775048411
Publication Date: 2017
Publisher: The Ellis Institute Press
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Price: 9.99

bestseller on Amazon, delivers a deep dive into 12 tricky topics that seem to be problematic for most of us.

Personal Transformation can only begin once you are clear on your beliefs, habits, relationships, self-perception, etc. Defining your life on your terms is essential to creating the life that you want to live. Ciel offers practical tips for releasing you from old patterns. The result is a new sense of freedom, increased self-esteem, more passion, knowing how powerful you are, and ultimately an increase in your self-love. With Clarity Quest you can expect to see your life transformed simply by clearing away the ideas that no longer serve you.

Review - 'Ciel Ellis writes from a deep well of experience that reminds me that anything can be transformed. She shares her story generously along with simple and effective tools that helped her heal and grow beyond life's circumstances. There's no 'expert' voice telling you what to do. Instead, Clarity Quest reveals a woman who's done the work and now, leads other women on the path to healing and leadership in their own lives. A must-read for anyone struggling with their past and wanting to create a new future.' - Sandi Amorim, bestselling author of THE 100 DAY PROMISE.