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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9780973779967
Title: Picnic in Pisticci
Sub-Title: My search for the perfect picnic
Author: Tina Powell
ISBN: 9780973779967
Publication Date: 2012
Publisher: Big Fat Pen
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 8 x 10
Price: 23.95

Tina Powell is an award-winning author, journalist, and columnist. Picnic in Pisticci chronicles the ten most memorable picnics in her life, blending personal reflection with images, quotations, song lyrics, and classic picnic recipes such as potato salad, pink lemonade, and chocolate brownies. Rock Hudson, Mark Twain, and Yogi Bear are just some of the personalities featured in this warm and witty book steeped in nostalgia and thoughtful reflection.

Review - Tina will lead you to deep forgotten places of joy and learning. And the icing on the cake - a story of romance and recognizing true love. Barbara Goodman, Editorial Director, Canadian Health & Lifestyle