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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9781895332117
Title: A Most Unusual Colony
Sub-Title: Vancouver Island 1849 - 1860
Author: Maureen Duffus
ISBN: 9781895332117
Publication Date: 1996
Publisher: Town and Gown Press
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 8.5 x 9
Price: 18.95

Travel back in time to the Colony of Vancouver Island. Read the story of the Hudson's Bay years as told through recollections of a colonial childhood by the fictional Kate Murray and the letters of the real Mary Yates. Their stories combine to give an authentic glimpse of the extraordinary life inside the palisades of Fort Victoria.

The historical events and the social climate recreated as fiction are based on letters, diaries and reminiscences of the period, as well as Hudson's Bay Company records, B.C. Archives and the Scottish Records Office.

Review - The author has done an exceptional job of portraying the life and times of early colonial women, ensconced in the political and economic history of Vancouver Island's earliest days. - British Columbia Historical News.

Review #2 - This engaging story is remarkable in that it is an account of the settlement of British Columbia as seen through the perceptive eyes of women. It is the story of ... extraordinary people in extraordinary circumstances ... one of the best local histories in years and a very good read. - Canadiana Costume Museum newsletter