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Red Tuque Books Inc.  Denise_Cunningham

Denise Cunningham

Bio: Denise Cunningham, BA, RPC (on leave) is an inspirational speaker, Reiki Master, ThetaHealing Practitioner, Quantum Touch Practitioner, spiritual healer, sacred group/retreat facilitator, and an intuitive fabric artist. Her career in the healing arts has spanned more than two decades, and her journey through a life threatening illness provided her with a renewed perspective on living that she incorporates into her work. Denise leads with her heart in providing a compassionate healing space of safety, acceptance and respect. A living example of not only surviving... but thriving, Denise is passionate about empowering others to do the same.

Dubbed the 'Hope Whisperer', Denise is a spiritual visionary who has had the ability to see into the heart and soul of people since she was a little girl. She holds the sacred Truth she sees in others, and reflects it back to them, until they are able to see it for themselves. She teaches that there is hope in every situation. Her vision is to co-create a more peaceful, loving, and harmonious world by helping individuals to create more peaceful, loving, and harmonious lives. Denise supports a holistic approach to health.