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Red Tuque Books Inc.  Joanne_Hutchinson

Joanne Hutchinson

Bio: Joanne has had a lifelong love of animals and concern for the environment. Always one to fight for the 'underdog,' Joanne has never been one to sit back at wait for others to do the right thing.

Joanne is making efforts to bring awareness to the declining polar bear population, in Canada, and worldwide. The story is written as a poem, with sidebars, in the shape of snowflakes, on each page providing reference information. The beautiful water colour illistrations were done by a 17 year old Toronto art student. This book decribes her innovative suggestion for turning some of our waste into one viable solution to the problem of loss of habitat in Canada's North. The book has been written to be of interest to children of all ages as well as adults. The story is based on an actual event which had been the focus of an article in the scientific journal, Polar Biology, and in the Toronto Star newspaper. She believes that the human race will not survive unless we all come to realize that we are just another species, and our interdependence with other species is crucial to the survival of our planet.

Awards:Her book on Polar Bears has been accepted into the resource libraries in the Durham, Peel, Toronto and Manitoba School Boards, and Joanne participated in the Durham District School Board's 2013 Science, Canadian and World Studies, History, Geography and Social Studies Resource Showcase on April 24, 2013.