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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9780973666908
Title: Peace Begins With Me
Sub-Title: An inspirational journey to end suffering and restore joy
Author: Ted Kuntz
ISBN: 9780973666908
Publication Date: 2005
Publisher: Ted Kuntz
Format: Hardcover
Size: 5.5 x 7.5
Price: 24.95

Ted is a compelling story teller. His passion is to offer us new stories and through these stories change the way we see ourselves and one other. Ted is a regular contributor to local and national publications and is regularly invited to present his seminars and keynote addresses to a wide range of audiences from social service organizations to the corporate world.

An inspirational journey to end suffering and restore joy, much of the wisdom Ted shares didn't come from his formal training. Rather, it came from his personal journey as the father of a child with severe disabilities. Ted's journey with his son Joshua taught Ted how to make peace with life and to take full advantage of the gifts and opportunities life offers.

Review - Those of us who seek peace in our lives and yearn for more peace in our world need look no further than this candid exploration of one man's personal journey to discover the source of his own peace. It is bound to inspire. - Al Etmanski - Author of 'A Good Life'

Review #2 - I have been reading your book and I am so excited that I couldn't sleep last night! Reading your book is affirming, but more importantly, it gave me a map to keep on going. It is exactly what I need. - Erika Horwitz Ph.D., Registered Psychologist