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Red Tuque Books Inc.  Jhani


Bio: While hitch-hiking through the States in the early 1970's, going anywhere life took him, Jhani stumbled on and stayed in an Ashram in upstate New York. Returning to England, he found he was not the same person. His heart had been nurtured by a special energy. Investigating many wonderful spiritual groups he searched for answers. While he learned much about esoteric Western and Eastern philosophies, his heart still yearned. All the while he knew, inwardly, that his meeting with the 'old-man' in New York state was the gateway to his path.

Life took off with the appearance of one of the 'old man' disciples. Being an extremely knowledgeable student of Agni Yoga, study classes lasted late into the night with uplifting discussions on cosmic concepts. It was quite clear to Jhani that he had found his path and the kindly old man was his core spiritual teacher - his Guru. It only took a few short years for Jhani to move to Canada. Jhani has continued to study Agni Yoga - now over 40 years.

Jhani has written and spoken on many areas of spirituality.

His book is a culmination of his studies to date.