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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9780978382407
Title: FireDrakes
Sub-Title: Chronicles of The Daemon Knights
Author: David Korinetz
ISBN: 9780993688317
Publication Date: 2014
Publisher: David Korinetz
Series:Chronicles of The Daemon Knights
Series Number:1
Format: E-Book EPUB
Size: 476 KB
Price: 4.75

The task of freeing a race of FireDrakes from the grip of an evil sorceress has fallen upon the shoulders of a young untried Daemon Knight. The job seems simple enough; just retrieve the magical amulet she is using to hold them in thrall, but most of the FireDrakes don't want his help, and he has fallen in love with the beautiful sorceress. The question is: will love or duty prevail?

Review - 'This is a refreshing new entry to the Fantasy genre and provides great reading entertainment. The author brings a mature touch to the characterization of both the principal and minor characters in the book, which lends extra plausibility to story line. The ending of the book makes it clear that this story is just beginning, and will be continued in the future.' - Allen Hustad, Kelowna Daily Courier

Review #2 - 'David Korinetz's FireDrakes is an entertaining, fast-paced novel of medieval Knights and sorcery. Korinetz creates a detailed and fascinating world...' - Todd A. Fonseca - author of The Time Cavern