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Anita Saulite

Bio: Anita Saulite, MBA and Certified Life Coach, is the CEO of Savvy Money Gal. She is committed to strengthening women's financial security through skill-based learning. She provides a broad range of services to help women boost their emotional well-being around money and get on the path to financial success. For 20 years, she has worked at major financial institutions, including most recently as a Senior Manager at BMO Bank of Montreal. Anita has presented on several topics relating to women and personal finance, and is also a volunteer mentor with the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. She has developed award winning educational and skill-based learning programs, and has been featured as a guest on The Pattie Lovett-Reid Show (CTV) and on Global BC1 News. Currently living in Vancouver with her husband and son, this Savvy Money Gal is also a hockey mom who enjoys swimming, gardening, and travel.