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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9781771410014
Title: Great Performances
Sub-Title: The Small Business Script For The 21st Century
Author: Clemens Rettich
ISBN: 9781771410014
Publication Date: 2012
Publisher: Influence Publishing
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Price: 23.95

Putting in too many hours?

Not enough money at the end of the month?

Is the dream of owning your own business crumbling in the face of demanding customers and employees? Did you expect running your own business to be such hard work? How can you turn this around quickly and get the dream back on track? In 3 Acts, your business coach walks you through stories, tips, and strategies to turn your business into a Great Performance. Drawing from real-life case stories of small business failures and successes, Clemens gives you the nuts and bolts required to make your dream of small business success a reality. These are the things that give you back your dreams, and give you back your life in the process.

Review - I can't stop thinking about what I've learned in this book, and I'm eagerly applying these lessons to my work. Clemens Rettich has delivered a virtuoso performance himself by writing Great Performances. Encore! - Steve Yastrow, author of We, The Ideal Customer Relationship and Brand Harmony

Review #2 - Great Performances is one of the most apply-able business books I have ever read. There are a ton of books on the shelves that provide broad concepts on how to build a better business; yet lamentably few that get down to the nitty gritty. The concepts and lessons in this book are a must read for all small business owners. I especially like the flair and panache with which this book has been conducted. - Mike Watkins, Financial Columnist and author of It's Only Money