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Alyson Jones

Bio: Alyson Jones, MA, RCC, is a highly respected therapist, educator and writer who has practiced and defined a no-nonsense approach to an exceptional life. She is President of a large private counselling centre, Alyson Jones & Associates (, where she leads a professional team of therapists.

Holding a Masters in Counselling Psychology, Alyson has practiced as a therapist for over 20 years, working with all age groups. She is prominent in the psychological community and is an Adjunct Faculty member at the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Vancouver, B.C. where she enjoys inspiring her students. She has been regularly featured on programs such as The Bill Good Show, The Simi Sara show and The CKNW Morning News with Philip Till. Alyson currently lives in North Vancouver with her exceptional family where she enjoys being a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend.