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Luc Chaput

Bio: Luc Chaput is one of the main architects of the development of the Directorate of university studies in western Quebec, an institution that created in 1976, the Centre for Studies in western Quebec, with the status of college acting as an umbrella to the centers of Hull and Rouyn from Hull.

In addition, he is co-founder of UQO, founded in 1981 and was responsible for the design regulations of the Commission's Northwest organization prior to the creation of UQAT in 1983.

He served in various capacities in educational administration as director of the module of Administrative Sciences and Director of the Master in Public Administration from ENAP.

He also held various senior management positions including Secretary and Vice-President, Administration and Finance. He served for over twenty-five years on various boards of the University network in Quebec.

He holds an MA in mathematics from McGill University, a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Montreal and a doctorate in education from the University of Ottawa.